Infonaut solves the global challenge
of deadly hospital infections

We make this possible through a proprietary real-time surveillance,
analytics and behavior improvement platform.

43North winner


December 3, 2015

Infonaut has been elevated to winner status by 43North, the world’s largest business idea competition

43North – the world’s largest business idea competition – announced the addition of Infonaut to its roster of 2015 winners at the $250,000 level. 43North awards $5 million annually to some of the best entrepreneurs and startups from around the world. The competition is part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion initiative, with support from the New York Power Authority.

The 11,356 registrants to 43North in 2015 included individuals and companies hailing from all 50 states, nine out of ten Canadian provinces, and 117 countries. –


Enhancing Infection Surveillance

Surveillance is the systematic, ongoing collection, collation and analysis of data with timely dissemination of information to those who require this information in order to take action.

Evidence-Based / Knowledge Driven

Our approach to infection prevention and control is unwaveringly evidence-driven, combined with the precise, persistent measurement and development of patient safety interventions.

Saving Hospitals

The economics of hospital-acquired infections are complex - true costs and the possible ROI of improved infection control are generally not well understood.  We can show you how reduced infections can achieve massive cost savings.

Improving Patient Safety Outcomes

Demonstrated effective patient safety improvement and lower infection rates with our proven measurement and intervention capabilities. Save lives, prevent sickness and benefit financially.